Friday 30 July 2010


One extra week so I can see friends I couldn’t meet in the tight past five days I originally had. Nozomi introduced me to a friend of his who’s newly been appointed director of the Tokyo Art Fair. A very smart bloke he is. No detail escaped him. I wouldgive one clue, he would guess the rest of the story. He’s going to be in Taipei next month for the Taipei Art Fair.
Byron will also be in Taipei from next week to present the news film in which he's got the lead. It was first screened at the Berlin Film Festival. I can’t wait to see him. Apparently he’s getting lots of attention for the role. He’s coming from a very sad place. He said he was seeing a hypno-therapist to help him release the negative and self destructive thoughts that are whirling continuously in his mind. Apparently it seems to work.
We met at a dinner. He has just signed with a new agent and we were celebrating the event. He sat at the opposite end of the table, very quiet yet very observant. We let the elderly ones do the talking and entertain each other with their wits. Byron would nod at me from time to time. During a break between dishes, he came and chatted a little with me. I knew he was a former Mister Hong Kong some five years ago. He then told me a few more things about his career. Supporting parts in films, usually in action films because of his athletic skills. He’s also a TV host for a sports program. But what struck me was his handshake. So much can be said through a mere handshake! His was firm and warm.
We saw each other a second time when I came to Hong Kong. A short drink in an Italian café, that’s what we managed. But we wasted no time and soon were talking about very personal topics. A good friendship was born. Someone told me the other day how he cherished his high school or childhood friends. They’re the lasting ones, he claimed. As far as I’m concerned, all of my childhood friends them have slipped out of my life, except Vanessa and Jan. I pride myself as being a loyal friend, but since my life didn’t follow a conventional path, roads separated more than once. The love for them remains, nevertheless.
I’m happy to have this new group of friends spread out in Asian countries. It feels like a family of sort and soothes my sense of solitude.

Speaking of next month, I’m thinking of flying Satoshi to Taipei for a few days to celebrate his birthday before the season starts again for Noism in Niigata. Wouldn't it be sweet…? I hope our schedule will allow it. I hope he accepts it. 


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