Sunday, 30 June 2013

PLAY (2 PLAY) again

I will not stay on this feeling of incompleteness after the aborted affair with the Captive Queen, Jo has written to me that he plans to re-perform our second ballet, PLAY 2 PLAY by the end of the year - probably in December. My task is to revise some sections and shorten them. I had told myself that if that piece was ever performed again, I would want to revise the music, as I had done for NINA
"But don't touch Ewig (the last movement that features Isabelle's singing). It's just beautiful the way it is!" he wrote.
December... Will I be able to go there and attend the performance? Ticket prices for Japan have collapsed after the Tsunami and the Fukushima tragedy two years ago. 
"Beside Sawako, it will be a completely new cast". 
PLAY 2 PLAY was a turning point for me and him, back in 2007. The piece encapsulates the very essence of our beings. I have told Jo that the three pieces we did together were like a 'trilogy of creation'. The first one, NINA was about the act of creation, and the relationship between him and his 'oeuvre'. PLAY 2 PLAY dealt with the role and responsibility of the creator in the world. Also his extreme solitude, as it was depicted in that particular Ewig scene. Les Contes d'Hoffmann, the third and last ballet told of the private lives of the creator. And again his solitude in creation. Quite ironically and quite logically, Jo went one step further with The Captive Queen. But given the meaning of the title, it makes sense that I could not be part of the project. Jo was his own prisoner. And the walls were so high and thick that I could not reach him. 
After that, I would tell myself that maybe our collaboration would not go on. I don't see what else I can do. But then, isn't what I have told myself after each big project? 
I shall work on the music next month. For now, I want to shoot the music videos, something I have postponed for too long a time!

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