Sunday, 30 September 2012

L'avventura è finita!

I didn't want it to come but it came. The last performance. Luckily, we got to perform Double Yellow Line enough times so not to feel this frustration of having spent lots of energy and time on a project just for one show. 
As I anticipated it, the last show wasn't as good as the previous ones. Maybe because Hu Chien's family was there... Maybe because it was the last show... Many reasons spring to mind. 
Huang Yi and I agreed that Saturday was our best day. 
Hu Chien cracked his pants. We usually have a little moment off-stage after the big dance duet of Main Theme, when Huang Yi sits at the piano and plays his slow interlude before Hu Chien joins him again for another duet which includes some piano playing from them as well.
The trousers were had big gaping holes on the knee and under the crotch. He didn't know what to do. Of course he would have gone back on stage regardless, but I dropped my pants and told him to wear mine.
"You can't dance in yours!!!!" I pointed at the holes, laughing. He gratefully accepted the exchange and made a few movements to check the size and the resistance of the garment. Fortunately, the size was fine and to my greatest surprise, I found out that Hu Chien's trousers were one size bigger than mine. They were all wet from the sweat...

I documented the rehearsal process and posted lots of pictures on Facebook. I mentioned the show to some friends but didn't press anyone to come.
"I didn't do any advertisement either" Huang Yi said. "Just that trailer on YouTube and postcards that you saw. For my previous projects they would always want to boost the ticket sales weeks in advance, but this time I wanted to see how it would go. Normally the tickets are sold out two or three weeks before the performances. For Double Yellow Line we've continued to sell them until the last day. But eventually it is sold out!"
Huang also wanted to see who wuld be coming. What kind of audience if the usual circle fans and friends didn't come. A young man said he was attracted by the music from the trailer and decided to come. Many came with their friends. And I saw my friend Xiao Chu and her boyfriend Wei Jen. I didn't expect to see them at all!
"But I'm a fan of Huang Yi!!!! I have seen all his shows!!!" she said with a broad smile. This came as a surprise.
"I know her" Huang Yi said later when I introduced them to each other. "I remember her face from the audience."
"And I have a question for you" Xiao Chu went on. "Wei Jen and I have been wondering... This piece during the duet, is it Bach or is it you?"
This filled me with great joy. Wei Jen is an ardent classical music lover so the question was a huge compliment in disguise.

We did another performance, this time for the shooting, then packed everything and took a few pictures with everyone for the memory.

Good bye!

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