Sunday, 23 September 2012

Here we are!!!

Huang Yi is back. He sent me a message on Friday night to tell me that he would not make it in time for the rehearsal on Saturday: his flight was scheduled for the evening!!! I can imagine how worried and furious he must have felt. 
In the meantime, I had managed to complete the Main Theme movement!!! I had played it over and over the past days. I coudn't believe I finally made it. Well it still sounds very baroque. But Huang Yi agreed that I had to do some thematic developments instead of using the Theme & Variations mould. How could I do variations when I was only allowed a limited range of musical expression???
I hope the result will be well received by the audience. Yes I'm so nervous about it!!!

"We have to do a run through." Huang Yi said when he realised that there was little more than one hour left. 
Against all odd, the magic happened... It flowed seamlessly. Everything fell into place as it was meant to be, albeit with a big part of chance interfering.
After the run-through, Huang Yi was beaming and crying out for joy. I had never seen him like that!
"I didn't have the feeling I was dancing, but that I was telling a story" he said.
I was feeling happy, yet uncertain. "It was a good thing finally, that you went to Beijing. To let everything rest and grow by itself... I hope we'll manage to retain that feeling for the performances!"
"We will! But we should not rehearse too much until the premiere."
For now, let us savour the joy.

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