Saturday, 29 September 2012


Two performances today (with post-show talks) and so far I would say they were the best we gave. We're getting more and more into the core of it, each time. 
I never fail to have a second of complete panic before starting to play the Bach-like Main Theme. Yesterday, as I hit the key to play the first note, my mind went completely blank. It was as if I was discovering the music as the notes would unfold themselves to me. "And what if I start playing something else??? What if I go somewhere else musically???" I cried out loud in my head as I watched Hu Chien and Huang Yi do their movements. Fortunately such a thing did not happen. (will NOT happen!)

After the first show I told Huang Yi and Hu Chien to be more daring for our piano trio. The idea came form an improvisation we made during one rehearsal where I told them to hit any note on the piano and I would turn turn it into a musical phrase and make it sound as if it was written that way.
On the opening night, they were quite shy. 
"Don't be afriad. Be more tricky!!!" I told them.
Instead of being more tricky, to my greatest surprise, they actually turned more musical. As dancers they observed my movements and spotted where I would hit the key to create certain sounds. The improvisational trio thus became more and more musical.
"It's very sexy to see three men in suit sitting at the piano", a girl said.

I just love being on stage. It's supposed to be the same show, but each time I embark on a different journey... 

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