Saturday, 30 June 2012

Editing the video

Contrary to what Zed and Wei Wei thought, the editing was done within two days. It's now 11 p.m. and we have just placed the final scene.
We spent a few hours in the beginning before we found the flow and pace in the image composition. From then, it went very smoothly. I would hardly have to study every rush carefully, I would just follow my intuition and tell Zed what shot, what frame to select when this little voice in me would say 'go'! It isn't so different from my way of composing music. Zed liked the way we worked. He didn't feel we were editing.
"It's like music composing!" Indeed.  
We showed the first draft of the video to Ryan who loved it, but pointed out the fact that I didn't use my 'weapon' enough, ie. my eyes. 
"You stare at the camera, but you don't connect. It's your song! You wrote it. You sing it. So you shouldn't hesitate to connect more with the audience with your eyes, and that would be perfect." 
I agreed. I had focused more on what I wanted from Wei Wei and didn't take enough time to work on my own scenes. Zed and I mainly paid attention to the frame and the light but I 'forgot' about the intention. One take and it was done. Maybe I was avoiding the real confrontation... 
So we'll going to reshoot a few scenes and pay more attention to my performance. It will be easier because we know exactly what we have to shoot, since the rest of video is edited.
The next step will the fine-tuning of the image, which we will also do together.


Zed showed the video to his friend Carol who expressed the same views as Ryan. Now we really know what's left to be done! 

Doesn't it look like Sadako or the Grudge is sitting behind me...?

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