Saturday, 16 June 2012

Letter from Leon

Dear An

You have to find someone to confide in, or with whom to share your problems. Life is all about sharing whatever comes along, be it good or bad. I recall this small build guy who was so competent in solving problems that he had earned the title of 'Little Giant'. So no one thought it was impossible for him to solve his own personal problems. Guess what happened? One day I got a call that he took his own life because he could not cope with his family problems and no one was able to hear him out. His wife asked for a divorce but he was unable to terminate their relationship, the reason being that he was an orphan and deprived of love for a long time. He was earnestly seeking love in his life. So he could not bear to lose his loved one.

I must say you are a prolific writer, who always cares to punch in some brilliant expression. You may like to consider doing some inspirational literary works and receive royalties. The Tawaineses' love for reading should provide a good launching ground for the initial support. You can easily qualify to be an English lecturer in any university if you wished.
Having lots of creative ideas may not go down well with most people. Well, we life our lives. People who are easily contended face the danger of redundancy when economy slows down.

Have a nice week end. It's time to let your hair down, my friend!



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