Tuesday 28 July 2009

Castle in the air

Not so good news from Vietnam. The theatre where we are supposed to perform the show in Hôi Anh is an old cinema theatre they want to renovate. The main issue lies in the fact that it is considered part of the historical heritage of the country.
Now the officials are having second thoughts about the renovations. They do not want to put air conditioning – to open a theatre in a hot country such as Vietnam without air conditioning would mean organized murder for the performers and the audience.
An e-mail from them also told me that my fees were considered too high. But instead of bargaining with me, they very subtly put it in the shape of a compliment: how they liked and respected my work and were looking forward to collaborate with me in the future when the right project with the right condition would come. The dilemma for me is whether to stop accepting another underpaid project or to follow this generous disposition of mine that would push me to understand their situation and therefore do it for ‘art’s sake’. I promised myself this would not happen after Auntie.
We shall have an answer newt week. Working for less can be only acceptable if the team is a good one.

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