Sunday 19 July 2009

Project in Vietnam and in Taiwan?

Linh has written back to me about the show in Vietnam. They seem to accept my conditions and I shall fly there next month to start the composition of the score.
They asked what musicians I intended to have, so I thought: a string quartet, a harp, a percussion ensemble, erhu, bamboo flute, a Vietnamese sitar and maybe a couple of traditional singers. Studio sessions will start by the end of August in Saigon!

After the debacle of Auntie last year, I swore that I would not work in these conditions again. Yet, I have received another offer from the same company. A musical based on Astroboy, the famous manga by Osamu Tezuka. The project is still very vague. From what I have understood, they are going to use the essence of it, not the characters nor the story.
I’m supposed to be well paid this time, with good accommodation and four airplane tickets. I made it clear that what mattered to the most to me was to work with experienced and able people.
I’ll know more in October when the project will be submitted.
That said, my daily mantras seem to be working well. I have to keep on and be even clearer with what I visualize for myself.

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