Saturday, 28 June 2008

An illegal alien

I’m illegal in Taiwan now. My excitement at being official in Taiwan was short lived. Lian-Yen couldn’t get the papers in time - more accurate to say that he dragged and dragged until the last minute and on the very last day, he woke up and we rushed to the ministry of immigration and spent the whole morning there. The lady told us that I was one day beyond the visa expiration date!!! Damn, I could have slapped that sheepish face of his when we heard that.
The more I spend time with the members of the Auntie team, the less I trust them!
Buying a last minute ticket to Hong Kong was discarded as a foolish idea. Even for one day, I would still have to pay a fine anyway and as a penalty, I will not be able to enter Taiwan freely for a whole year.

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