Monday, 12 February 2007

Tel qu'Elle

Some good and bad things today. The good things always come as unexpected surprises or a piece of news that brings lightheartedness in the house, while the bad are the usual old bloody virus that keeps reappearing in different guises.
Bévinda called me this morning to invite me for her concert tomorrow. She will be singing Serge Gainsbourg Tel qu'Elle, her tribute album to the famous French songwriter. Julia will be there and I have asked Nicolas to join as well, seeing that he likes that record.
The pleasant surprise came when she let me know that one of the pictures I took of her a few months ago had been picked to illustrate an interview with her in the music magazine Les Inrockuptibles!
Amaury also did some portraits of her, but my ‘non professional’ photographic eye seems to be gaining some recognition.

Speaking of recognition, I received an envelope from Gang – wishing I would get this last chunk of money I badly need at the moment. Well no. Papers to sign as well as the registration form for Sur le Fil as a new stage work. 60% for the choreographer, 40 % for me as a composer. Was it still the work of his unconscious? Was it plain ignorance? He even thought he was making me a favor by sharing 40% with me. What would he think if he attended a performance of The Rite of Spring without Stravinsky’s music...
I was so furious that I left him a tense message on the phone. Maybe I should have, but that was the little drop of water I couldn’t take in my ocean of patience and understanding.
Let’s see how he reacts to that.

I’m happy because I keep on meeting such nice people! 

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