Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Fawn Fruit

Daniel Hyun Lim, a New York based Korean artist and illustrator has asked me to be his model for his next project: a children book where I would be turned into a young father of a two year old girl, married to an American woman. That sweet little family owns a dog that can speak twelve different languages!
I fell in love Daniel’s work ever since I discovered it on Myspace. A poetic blend of Western and Asian inspirations, soft yet powerfully imaginative, always on the verge. He said he would find a project for us. I was wondering what. We didn’t manage to meet when I was in New York. But I’m delighted about this children book.

I did a few shots with Mathieu – they look the typical actor headshot. We were not that inspired but a few portraits came out very well. I have sent one to Noism as an ‘official’ portrait in the program. Were I a writer, I would use this photo for the back cover of my novels. Not really me, but my friends say it presents me a self confident and poised man. He he!

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