Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Running from Murmurs

Finished a third movement for Play 2 Play. For it, I refashioned, revised and extended one movement from Sur le Fil . I named it ‘Running from the murmurs’.
I added a whole cello prelude in the beginning that develops into the murmurs section. Since I didn’t have the time to do any new recordings, I used the cello parts Christophe played for the song Healing. It brings a strangely elegiac and oriental tone which isn’t unwelcome.
I played it to Tsuyoshi who liked it very much. We had a little appointment this afternoon and our talk gave birth to an idea for another movement: a trio between a soprano, a male singer and a female choir. I remember that particular concert by the vocal ensemble A Sei Voci I attended some fifteen years ago where they performed Allegri’s famous Miserere. They sang it the way it used to be done in the 16th century, two groups singing to each other from both ends of the church. For this movement, I will place the three parts in a triangular soundspace which will rotate as the music goes on.

I’m seeing Isabelle on Friday and will see in what mood she is. I have the feeling she has returned to the safer ground of acting. A shame. It looks like the sense of guilt and the desire to do good in the eyes of the others have been stronger than her inner wish to sing.
Anyway, nothing’s lost for her, and who knows what the future will bring her.
Jo told me in a letter today that the full length version of NINA will be scheduled next year at the Kennedy Center! In July the company will perform it in Moscow! Long live NINA!!!!

Portraits I did of Isabelle after the music sessions

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