Monday, 26 February 2007


Two weeks and I will be flying back to Niigata. I had been telling people I still had three weeks, and the realization sent a gush of panic through my body.
I have 46 minutes of music now. I will see Christophe and Isabelle a couple of times this week and next week to write the next two movements. Christophe has kindly agreed to lend me the sound of his wonderful cello.
The last movement I wrote is ending with Isabelle’s singing. What follows will be a cello number. A slow waltz backed by an urban sound rhythm pattern, which will then lead to a final choir moment, this time well structured, less random as it was in the Triangular Response movement. The wrote melody many, many years ago. It almost sounds like a Hebrew song with a touch of Borodin. Then the theme will be reprised by the cello and give way to the finale, Isabelle's big moment!

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