Thursday, 4 January 2007

Entering a new year

I’m entering 2007 like in an empty palace room. The sun is starting to pierce through the curtains, and the absence of furniture enhances each little sound I make.
In ten days I’ll be in New York. I still cannot believe this is going to happen, that I’ll find myself walking on the streets of Manhattan, that I will see Bibbe, Kristina and Jo there. That Lara might fly down to see me; that I’ll spend the nights at Weldon's whom I’ve never met before.
Like the first rough lines of a film script which will allow the actors to improvise.
There is Taiwan that vaguely stands out among my near projects. To give a concert there. To meet other artists. To make connections, to discover… Who knows...
Since Jo’s management gave me the wrong dates, my schedule is completely changed. Now I also have Hong Kong in my mind.
I took the decision to miss this year’s Chinese New Year to go to Taiwan earlier. Christmas has been lethal for me, even if it eventually went well, but I’m not sure I’m ready for another family gathering and come out devastated. It’s so painful when love is mixed with despair. So I’ll almost be glad to miss it. Anyway, they said it: I have to start thinking for myself and act accordingly.
It’s like a long pregnancy. Giving birth to myself is difficult.

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