Saturday 13 January 2007


I finally managed to set an appointment with Tsuyoshi Tane, the architect who’s going to design the stage set for Play 2 Play. It took us a few e-mails and three months to eventually meet.
I had talked to him on the phone and had no idea what kind of person would knock on my door this morning. The voice sounded young and lively, his English gave me the intimation that we wouldn’t have a hard time conversing.
And the young man who walked through my door instantly made me feel at ease and pleased about our future collaboration with Jo.
I had spent the previous day penning the overture and played him the unfinished draft. From the few words he said, I knew he got it and agreed with the musical direction.

Two days and I’ll be walking the streets of New York. Most of the people who will host me are friends I met on internet.

I have this little project to do a short interview of someone everyday. I’ll pick any person, a taxi driver, a sweeping lady, a waitress, a bell boy, or a child playing on the street, ask them a few questions and take a black and white photo of them. It will be a more unusual way to appreciate the city.

Jo has just written to me to say that they had a standing ovation in Santiago, Chile. His words show an elated and content man. That’s Noism’s first tour abroad and Chile isn’t the nearest destination from Japan. A lot was a stake. Now we’re all waiting to see how it’s going to go in New York!
I hope this tour will bring more recognition to Jo’s work. So many people want to attend the show!

A playlist of my favourite songs about New York:

The Beastie Boys - An open letter to NYC | Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Autumn in New York | John Coltrane - Central Park West | Madonna – I love New York | Tom Waits - Coney Island Baby | Blossom Dearie – Manhattan | Aretha Franklin - Spanish Harlem | The Velvet Underground - Chelsea Girls | Duke Ellington - New York City Blues | Craig Armstrong - Wake up in New York | Count Basie - Sunday at the Savoy | Rufus Wainwright – Poses | Iggy Pop - Avenue B | Norah Jones - New York | David Bowie – New York’s in love | Gershwin – Manhattan (Suite from the original soundtrack) |

When I was in New York in 1997...

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