Monday 8 January 2007

Learning to stand still

Today = mayhem day. I only have to stand still and wait for the mist to dissipate. It’s useless to try to hold on to something. Gang has informed me that the second part of the payment has been deffered just when I counted on it for my New York trip. And Nicolas discarded me as a not so well intentioned friend whose aim was to attack him and demolish him, when I actually tried to shake him off his illusions. I know it’s not pleasant and I’m not the ideal person to run to when it comes to share the tears. What hurt me though is how quick he can snap me out of his life. Friendship means effort and also hard time. However being a disposable toy isn’t my favourite occupation.

I have decided not to go to Taiwan. I feel sad about it, but a wrong feeling has been following me since Christmas. Everything seem to stand against that: departure date was right in the thick of the Chinese New Year, no flight were available but for a ridiculously high price, the Noism management got mixed up with the dates, and nothing seemed to work according to plan. Simon told me this evening that his Taiwan plan seemed to reach a fairly uncertain state and almost considered possible a last minute cancellation. Had I gone, I would only have two weeks to pen 90 minutes of music! Being quick wouldn’t have been of much help, even if I always have lots of ideas ready to jump out of my head.
Taking this decision has suddenly relieved me from a shapeless burden. I feel at peace now and even toy with the idea of spending ten days or so in Hong Kong before going to Japan as a consolation.

My father’s new album Jardins d'autre Monde is about to be sent to the printer. But a last minute checking was necessary. Oh, indeed it was! The biographical notes written about him were so frustratingly succinct I felt the urge to give it more flesh. I didn’t imagine that task would require a whole day. Gasp!
Apparently, they have used my graphic elements for the final cover. I’m not so enthusiastic with the result though. They completely missed the point: the wired strings were supposed to represent the meanders of the Perfume River in Huê, the pebbles indicated the spots of the Emperors' tombs. They moved everything now it just doesn't make sense...  

So standing till and waiting.... 
I had a very pleasant and soothing dinner at Simon and Wenn’s. He cooked an excellent natin and we had champagne to celebrate his new job.
Nothing’s better than the company of loving friends.

In one week, I’ll be walking the streets of New York again!!!!
I’ve had a long talk with Weldon and I foresee some very good time indeed.

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