Monday 24 October 2005

Pop'n sick

I’m so sick! I had a sleepless night with all the new musical motifs I wanted to use for the two movements I have yet to write. I got up to have breakfast at around 7 am, then went back to bed to only wake up again at 3 past in the afternoon after a painful dream involving Britney Spears, her ill meaning entourage involving her in an unintended murder attempt to get rid of her manager who turned out to be a mixture of Fabrice Proof (actually Michèle Atlani’s former tour manager) and Simon! I won’t even try to tell the story… I don’t know what it is supposed to mean. No wonder I’m that ill today!
I was supposed to start working at the theatre from 2, but I guess my body orders me to stay in.
My throat is all swollen and my voice so deep it makes Christopher Lee sounds like a Michael Jackson impersonator! I tried to find some medicine at the pharmacy, but they're quite ineffective. Just useless white pills. 
It should be alright anyway. I have completed a good chunk of work so far. Two days of rest aren’t unwelcome.
The only thing will be to feed myself and regain strength - the portions in Japan are so small! A good thing tomorrow is also a day off.

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