Saturday, 22 October 2005


This is how I like it. After the stressful times preparing for the concert and finishing the album, when everything had to be done by myself, the working condition in Niigata are the best one could hope for. The only thing I have to do is to concentrate on my music, the rest is provided when needed. Just ask and it is there. A microphone, a recording studio, tea, a bike, a digital piano…
It is really the first time that I work on a project that suits my taste as well as my artistic aspirations. Jo has this rare gift to understand and feel the musical language, hear all the details and use it to create an equally inspiring choreography. The only one who impressed me on that level was Matthew Bourne.
People here don’t make me feel I bother them, so the will to surpass myself is even stronger.
Satoko is Jo’s company manager; Miki is her assistant who speaks wonderful French. Both of them are the sweetest persons and a delight to be with. I enjoy having dinner with them after work. Niigata wouldn’t strike anyone for being the place to go out, but I’m discovering very nice little dens of pure good time. Tonight was a trendy restaurant named Foodelic pleasantly furnished with 70’s flavoured furniture.

Jo and the dancers try to make the company Noism known to the people of Niigata. Today they had to perform a little dance before a football match. The idea was odd, to say the least. It would be beyond me to imagine Angelin Prejlocaj, Maguy Marin or Régine Chopinot doing a cheerleader act for the PSG!!!
Anyway, Jo and the dancers did it today under the rain, dancing for only five minutes in outfits provided by Nike to Kodo music. I have no idea whether the football fans had a clue what was going on…

The Ryutopia Performing Arts Center in Niigata

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