Monday 10 October 2005


Nolico was there! I was serving food to the guests at Karen’s, turned my head and ghhhaaaaa! She was there standing by the door, smiling, l’air de rien.  Of course... "Nolico, how are you?"
Tears came to my eyes. I was overwhelmed by strong waves of joy and emotion (also all the tension and stress accumulated during all the past weeks).
But it feels so good to cry. Or at least shed a tear or two. So that’s what Simon had been plotting all this time in my back. I found it odd that he would suddenly leave in the evening the other night for an ‘appointment’. At midnight?
I was already very touched to physically see Simon’s parents. It’s one thing to know they are going to come, but it is another story when I saw them coming to Karen’s flat;
This evening has been the best I had since a long time. With all the musicians and my parents, Lara, Kristina... Everyone was beaming, and I had all the people I love around me.
Better stop now, if I don’t want to slip on the sentimental side.

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