Saturday 25 January 2020

Year of the Ratata

The Year of the Piggy has just passed. 
Piggy was fast, Piggy was crazy, Piggy was mad and all over the place, Piggy was intense and Piggy never rested!
In terms of work alone, there was four long feature films: Ròm, Goodbye Mother, the Bruce Lee documentary, and Naomi Kawase's Asa ga kuru. There was an album for Ray Kang, music for Will Pham's art installation in London... There also was the Golden Melody Awards for Sam Liao's album Forgotten West. The Third Wife was being released around the world, and would face a nasty trolling campaign in Vietnam. Ròm and Goodbye Mother went to the Busan Festival and Ròm won best film, whilst facing troubles with the Vietnam government. And more and more and more music...
Some dear ones passed away, I took my parents to our first and only trip to Vietnam together, I was rushed to the ER, I met new people who brought light and joy into my life.
This could have easily filled a whole lifetime, but it all happened within one single year.

I don't know what's in store for the Year of the Ratata, but one thing is sure: with all its contradictions and imperfections, life is beaut... nah I will not use that word... Life is colourfully exciting!

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