Sunday 5 January 2020

Be Water - Get out of the water

Bruce Lee documentary...
I think I can say that my work for the film is now over, after four months steaming on it in tandem with Goh Nakamura, forty plus pieces of music (on my side) composed for the project, and the past two weeks spent rewriting most of the score again because of the panel of producers who see music like mere props and who kept micro-managing Goh and I through Bao. When I think that Bao claimed that he had the final say "at least as far as the music was concerned"... the situation of being told what to do by a bunch of ignorant people isn't new. Goh and I are exasparated.
Anyway, it's the final version, and there will be my music, Goh's music, some of the pieces written together - not much, though. With all the compromises, it will not be the work I'm the most proud of, but I could still retain my style in it. I managed to slay the Titan!

Rest I should, but rest I won't, for I will fly to Tokyo tomorrow to work on Naomi Kawase's film. I need lots of luck, for the game is far from being won. 

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