Saturday 4 January 2020

The Ròm team and their wide group of supportive friends have recently shared pieces of news from the media, who reported that it seems that Ròm will be reviewed (again) and go through the censorship commitee at the Cinema Department. However, nobody knows when the wait is over. The deadline keeps being pushed, one month, then another month and still no result. It's been nearly three months already since we came back from the Busan Film Festival. We will keep standing,  gather our spirits and strength for a positive result, also with the sincere hope that the committee will open they eyes and heart to watch the film, instead of applying rules and asking us to cut out 80% of the film after which, the film would barely make any sense at all. 
And look at us now: it isn't that we haven't suffered long and hard enough. The long wait had Ròm miss the opportunities to be selected at many important film festivals. The production company has been fined and who knows what else will happen...

Give the Ròm a chance to shine!

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