Wednesday 30 April 2014

Albane, Amber and Armelle...

Just received from my artist page on Facebook a message from a young flute player who answers by the name of Albane. The attractive young woman plays in a trio with her two sisters whose first name also start with the letter A: Amber and Armelle... Flute, cello and piano.
The trio, named Trio Alambra plan to record and release a CD in the coming two years and want to commission work by new composers. The connection was made by a conductor who has performed my father's music and whom I happened to get acquainted with through facebook, as I'm in charge of my father's page there... 
Would I be interested? Once again, I replied by a resounding "Yes! why not!!!"
Two years seem like a long time, but I know it's going to come very quickly. The first musical thoughts that came to me immediately as I was reading Albane's message. A series of sketches which would be inspired by Hiroshige's drawings. I already feel the atmosphere. And I'm thinking: it would be even nicer if a couple of those would feature some singing by Isabelle... I let the ideas grow and blossom. 
I shall see the girls when I come to Paris this summer... Oh... but they live in Corsica!

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