Friday 3 February 2012

Possibly maybe

Off to Hong Kong today.
If usually I go there for visa reasons, and at the same time, use the occasion to take more photos, buy (more) CD's and DVD's and meet up with (more) friends, I feel this trip will be different. It's a common place to say that the world is small, but I had another illustration of it the other day. A long lost acquaintance - Gilles, happens to know Siu Yung, (my first contact in Hong Kong who so kindly let me stay at his place for a few months, back in the winter of 2007). Siu Yung has since developed as a recognised lighting designer and now works like a maniac on many projects at the same time. It appeared that Gilles was involved in a few of them, so naturally, one thing leading to another, he found me again in the midst of Siu Yung's friends (needless to say it was on Facebook)
I learned that Gilles had moved to Asia a couple of years ago and settled in Hong Kong when he was offered a position by the French government as the director of the French May festival. The last time I heard of him was at a cocktail after a promo concert (what artist it was, I have no recollection!) and he was at the head of the Rock en Seine festival - one of the best rock/pop yearly events in Paris.
The thought occured to me that it may be time to try to make things work by myself and seize the opportunity, instead of relying on potential projects initiated by others. Of course I had my play Devant Mes Yeux in mind. Wouldn't it be the perfect opportunity? 
Before I tell anyone, I will see what Gilles thinks of the whole project. Everything is still unshaped now, so it's quite challenging to keep moving forward - much less with other people.

Speaking of Siu Yung, he asked me last night if I would be willing to contribute some music for an exhibition he will be having in June. One of his millions of projects!
"It's called Lumières Imaginées. It's going to run for three months and I have asked three musician friends to compose music for it. Oh yes, it will be at the Agnès b. gallery."
Siu Yung gave me some musical references he had in mind.
"Would you do it?"
Hell yes, I would!!! I was happy. Things seemed to be opening up for me outside of Taipei.
I told Siu Yung that we would be discussing the project in depth in Hong Kong. It was already 2 o'clock in the morning.
And KunLin finally emerged from his silence to ask me if I would be free to meet up and discuss about our upcoming project.
"When I come back from Hong Kong", I told him.
These past two months were foggy, now I'm starting to see more clearly.
Indeed, this trip to Hong Kong will be different!

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