Monday, 27 February 2012

Làng tôi

I just talked to my father on the phone. I had chatted a little with my mother earlier on, as I had promised to call them yesterday and couldn't. We're all quite excited at the prospect of a trip to Vietnam. My father had been mentioning it for months. They managed to sell our little house in Bretagne and that allowed them to wipe off all the debts that have accumulated through the years. As I wasn't able to take care of my financially for quite some time, I was part of that debt and felt guilty and awful about it. My father may have said it more than once, I musn't feel that way, because he knew all too well how it was to be a struggling musician and that whatever he could do to help and support me (something which his own family wasn't able to do for him, they didn't have the means and most importantly, they didn't have faith in him). Now that there is even some money left after the debts have been paid, my father said he would take my mother on a trip to Vietnam.
"While we can still do it". (while my mother can still remember things)
Since an aunt (my mother's younger sister) is going to come to Paris with her soon-to-be-married son and his future wife-to-be by the end of March, the dates have been postponed by a few weeks. I feared that this unexpected visit may cause my parents to cancel that trip. I called them to insist that aunt on visit or not, that trip to Vietnam was not to be missed.
"I don't care about my sister! I'd prefer to see you!!! And anyway, she will be doing all these touristy things..." my mother said. Not caring about her sister's visit? That visit is also good news for her, something to look forward to. I gather she will spend time with them, which means lots of walking and good exercise - also good preparation for the trip.

My father sounded happy and delighted. This trip will also be a good opportunity to see Tuân Lê who has been asking me repeatedly to come to Vietnam and discuss possible future projects. Now that they may indeed need my music for a couple of upcoming shows, it's a perfect timing.
In one month already???
I just wish that my brother could be with us. Such opportunity may not come twice.

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