Saturday 3 December 2011


Nana's brother was showing some of his work at the Taipei Geisa show which was held at the HuaShan Culture Park. Open to everyone, this was a good opportunity for young artists and designers to showcase their creation.  Il y avait à boire et à manger, as the French people would say. (You have to keep some and filter out the rest).
Nana's brother's work is based on wood, usually wood he would find on construction sites, wood from old houses. He recycles all of it and turn them into very poetic pieces, be them lamps, benches, chairs or animal shaped objects. His is a very intimate and quiet world.
For the Geisa show, he only exhibited his animal shaped objects, which came as a little disappointment to me. I wanted to see more. I'll have to go to Tainan and visit his studio. The person is made of the same material as Nana. Nearly evanescent, like a kind and silent spirit which may vanish if we come too close.
I relate to this world.

The major discovery was this young boy of nine. I was browsing every stall with Nana when my eyes caught sight of an auto-portrait in pencil. I came closer to examine it. It was uncommon, funny, sensitive and thoughtful. I loved it instantly.
"He's 9 years old!" Nana said. She showed me a short haired boy who was signing some postcards and seemed slightly out of place among this crowd of adults.
The boy, Harrisson had already been painting for five years. 
"He gets immersed into his own world when he paints", someone from his entourage told me.
His parents seemed to know he was a crystal child. Looking at him, I could see the child, the man, the soul all in one. I felt elated and so happy.
"I hope he'll be well looked after and that his parents will understand the nature of his being" I told Nana. According to what she read and heard, it was the case.

The evening was spent at the Escape Artists Café. Brendon and Leslie had organised a hot pot party. ChingYao accepted and planned to bring Nana along as well as many other friends. I had to go by myself eventually, the last minute piece was that they had no intention to go at all. I feel more and more remote fro ChingYao. I don't know what's going on in his mind, but the air is getting chilly between us. Does it hold it against me because I couldn't not use his singing for the soundtrack of Thief? Does he hold it against me for any other reason unknown to me?
However, we had a good time at the hot pot. As I had not brought any present with me for the pre-Christmas gift exchange, I offered to write a song. It was Brendon who was the happy recipient. It occurred to me that if I had to write a song for one of those beauties present that evening, the task would have been much, let's say, delicate. I brought Stéphane who came with the girl who was hosting him. His first days in Taipei - he planned to leave Paris to start anew in Asia, Taipei, developing work with Nicolas. So far, the impression is more than positive. Only Alberto was missing...

I needed some light-hearted moment. Things were getting heavy the past week.

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