Thursday 8 December 2011

Chasing music

Did a dao liao knife massage today. My back feels like battered meat, but the stuck energy has gone. I feel liberated.

Jay sent me a note saying that he liked the new music for the chase scene in Thief. That's a good step. However he liked all the music I gave to him. They just ended not matching the film when he did the editing. How will it go this time? With ChihWei and Nana staying over at my place, I get to pay attention to their ring tones - people call them often, obviously. Then I recalled how a friend told me he had used my song Second Breath as a ringtone. It was what I had to do. Use Second Breath! In the scene, a ring tone turns into the accompanying music for a chase scene at the night market between two girls. I added some percussion, lots of cymbals and redid the piano part. WILL IT WORK????

The dark and bleak days have gone. Stéphane told me we were going through a lunar knot, an eclipse and a full moon at the same time. No wonder! Being a lunar person myself...


I love to listen to guitar music at the moment. Mostly baroque guitar. Bought a handful of CDs: Bach, Scarlatti, De Visée, Rameau. 


Bibbe sent me a patch of new poems! They're beautiful. I already used one and blended it with some lyrics I had written last week - when I met Alberto for the first time [sighs] ...
As a coincidence, she wrote: 

Punctuality defeats me
I'm always late
And my great date goes missing...

The woman is a medium! I couldn't help thinking of ChingYao who makes it the big complaint against me.
But she goes on:
Kissing someone else tonight
Locked in their embrace
While Grace's face
Shadowed smiles
Just out of reach
In that far off place
Always just around in the next corner...

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