Sunday 25 April 2010


Awu was in the audience. I didn’t expect his presence at the concert at all. I was so happy and delighted to see him. We couldn’t be more remote from each other in terms of education, fields of interest and way of life, and yet, I realized what a powerful connection there was between us. It’s true, one doesn’t necessarily have to look for someone similar to be in a relationship, be it love or friendship. I no longer think I need my partner to be an artist, nor is it necessary for the person to completely understand my life. Compatibility matters. But diversity is important for our personal growth.


I’m still sickish, even after two weeks. I blocked a nerve on the day of the concert – one doesn’t even wonder why. I feel like a member of a geriatric pension.

More music done for Hoffmann. Jo and I have found a good ground to build up this new project. I’m quite relieved the concert is over, so I can now fully concentrate on the ballet.
Sometime I wonder how someone like Madonna manages to keep alive and do all the things she does, being that rigorous and disciplined multi-talented woman she is. She is a very inspiring example for me. She must come from another planet!

The weather has been gorgeous. Simon was here for the concert and stayed for the week end. We reconnected, finally. I see how much he has moved on in his life. I took to Jan surprise birthday bash. We had dinner with Karen. I was myself happy to take it easy for a couple of days. Shinji told me that I had been completely emptied after these two months of intense work. Now I have to be careful. Eat, sleep, breathe. Simple things in life. But vital things. We tend to forget that.

Now I still have a whole hour of music to compose before the end of the month…

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