Wednesday 28 November 2007

Flying High

I’m in Hong Kong, my mother is flying today to Boston, and my father will go to Vietnam in two weeks or so. Funny that we’re all going far away from Paris. Except my brother…

Hong Kong Airport


I know it will take me a couple of weeks to settle in Hong Kong. It’s not only to get physically used to the change, but also to feel the air, observe, watch, discover the people and the city they live in, feel the pulse and the pace.
I feel like a kite, going where the wind blows. Fred has received a few e-mails from friends of his who are trying to introduce me to music people here. I must say that I never expected Hong Kong to be the heart of culture. However, I was very surprised to learn that record label Naxos was founded in Hong Kong!
So I’ll keep my fingers crossed, say my prayers every night and go to the temple to do a secret ritual dance under the moon!!!

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