Thursday, 16 August 2007

The wind carries me away

Maybe those four words were a foreboding of what was really to happen. Jo just sent me a short message saying he cancelled the Brazil project.
Since I haven’t started anything on it, I can’t have any regret.
However, this decision was taken because PLAY 2 PLAY might be touring in South Korea, which is excellent news because the piece wasn’t likely to be performed anywhere unless the theatre has got a big budget for it.
So Jo didn’t want to ruin the chances for PLAY 2 PLAY to have a second life, which I can understand. Maybe it will be postponed for the following year.

I still think Jo is starting to crumble under his sense of duty. I’m not so sure Noism is a good future for him if the company prevents him from developing personal projects.

Well it’s time for me to write on my own wall. Hong Kong? New York? Taipei?

I was to have a lonely dinner at a Chinese noodle restaurant tonight. I was showed a table at the end of the room when I bumped into Amaury and two of his Asian friends who were about to start eating.
The youngest of the two turned out to be quite an adventurer in spite of his age – he’s only 22! But he has decided to leave France when he was 18 and travel to Asia to find his roots. China, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, then also Ireland, New York, and Rome…
His confidence in life was inspiring. He didn’t care about money. He’d find a job when he needed one, he’d find a place to stay when he’d look for one.

So inspiring….

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