Friday 3 August 2007


My dreams are a really interesting as mirrors of my inner development. I cannot understand all the symbols but the imprint that it leaves the following morning is vivid. Last night, it was a complicated dream involving a train station, and me being asked to sing or play something. I was hearing the song Nature Boy but I found out it wasn’t the song as soon as I started singing it. It had morphed into something else in my dream! I woke up and wanted to write it down but before I could even think of getting a music sheet, I was falling asleep again. The dream went on with me improvising some Rachmaninov-like prelude to a song I was searching in a book. How I managed to play and search the song at the same time is beyond me… Then I heard a contrabass play behind me and knew it was Rémi. Some friends were gathering around the piano, including Vanessa. But we were constantly changing places and I could never finish or even start the song.
That certainly holds some revelation (too many projects in my mind?) but I felt good and confident when I woke up.
The dream might be a reflecting what I’m trying to set for an video interview that a young music journalist wants to do with me for an alternative music website named Miam.
His idea was to blend a simple and intimate performance with an interview. I thought of using Karen’s gorgeous flat and do the performance as I wander from one room to the next while the camera is following me. David, (the journalist who’s going to be in charge of the project) liked the fact that I’d come up with ideas of my own. Yet I wonder how well that can translate.
And what song shall I sing?

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