Friday 4 May 2007


Half past midnight. If a few days ago I wanted to find a way to extend my stay in Japan, I saw too many signs indicating the time was ripe for leave the country. My work for Noism is done. I have composed the music, the piece was well received, Jo is happy. End of chapter. 
I have to admit it, I still long for some more acknowledgement. However how much of this ambrosia would have been sufficient to quench my thirst?
Behind, an ocean of uncertainty is waiting to embrace me.

I have just come back from Shizuoka to attended performances of PLAY 2 PLAY. A little voice told me it wasn’t necessary for me to be there. I even caught a cold and was feverish, if that wasn’t enough of a sign. But I went anyway. Hadn’t it been for Shige who had come especially from Osaka to see me and had already bought the ticket, I think I would have cancelled the trip.
The dancers were happy to see me, but they were in their world. Jo was much too busy to have time even for a drink. I should have known better. I felt dispossed, felt like a stranger on my own set. It was the same in New York. 

A woman sitting behind me cried at the end of the performance. The music never sounded better, clear, rich and precise, I could hear the smallest details. Ayako told me she keeps discovering new things in the music at each performance and that she particularly enjoyed this time in Shizuoka in terms of sound comfort.

Shige and I went to see Spiderman 3 for a change of mind. Shizuoka is a lovely city surrounded by layers of mountains, the kind that are often a favourite subject for so many painters. At dusk, one can only distinguish their shape, as they become like a theatre backdrop.
And the Fuji Yama isn’t far…

Shige... An adorable young man with the body of a Greek athlete. We couldn't speak much for his English was rather limited. My selfish restlessness regarding Jo and PLAY 2 PLAY didn't allow me to focus my attention to him. He really loved the show. His presence was like a soothing balm. But as it often the case with people who show care and kindness for a selfish person, the kindness isn't acknowledged until much later. When it is maybe too late to return it.
The only thing I could give was to take him to the show. Being a musician himself he fully appreciated the work. 
Such a kind guy he is.


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