Monday 7 May 2007

Midnight cut

The project of turning online friends into real life people goes on. The result goes spans from average to good friends in the making.
I finally met Hide this morning, after two years of exchanging messages and e-mails. He was born in Germany and had lived there most of his life and now is spending a few months working in a architect company. Hard life and hard work, he says, because it isn’t unusual to finish the day at one in the morning. (gasp)
Whence the breakfast early at a café in the Shinagawa station.
He was every inch of the great guy I knew he was. Sitting at a table, drinking coffee and talking to each other was the most natural thing. So people who lament about the paucity of real and true people to be found on internet may read something about the law of attraction...
As far as I’m concerned, I have been lucky to have found precious beings I really love. 


How about getting a post-midnight hair cut ?
After a copious dinner at home, I suggested a walk to Nolico. We were being hypnotized by one of those silly TV series with an impossible plot, a new twist and change of tone every fifteen minutes that would keep you watching nonetheless.
It was time to take action and make a move. I didn’t want to stay in and get a flabby brain in front of the TV.
Shibuya seemed the best option. Nolico tried to join one of her friend, but didn’t get any answer.
We walked around the love hotel area. Some kind of Disneyland of love; one hotel after another advertising for rooms to be rented by the hour or by the night…
Then we passed a hair salon. It was nearly midnight and it was still open! The entrance was very inviting, with water running down on one big window pane.
People could get a cut, a head spa, or dye their hair any time until 8 the next morning…
It was no time to be serious and I told Nolico that I would actually like to get my hair cut. Such a thing was only possible in Japan! I had never done that late in the night before and a cut would be most welcome. 
Nolico had already set an appointment for a little drink not far away, so we walked there. But she slowly got won over by the idea of a post-midnight hair experience. We promised ourselves to come back after.
And we did. At two o’clock in the morning, I was having my hair groomed and trimmed! We both looked great when we got out of the salon.
The only shame was that we had nowhere to go. It was late, week day... So we went home... 

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