Tuesday, 10 April 2018

A la maison...

I finished revising / rewriting the closing section of Nhà [Home] that Sébastien Ly commissioned me for his new project in Saigon. Not easy when musicians and equipment are in another country... But luckily enough, there is a digital piano at my cousin's place!

Hopefully the new version will be the right one! There isn't much communication with Sébastien. Sometime I wonder why I even accepted to join this project. He seemed apologetic when he approached me again, a year after we did [FEEL] in/out, after he realised what a manipulative b.... person that Sylvie Becquet actually was. I guess it takes two to tango or mambo. He wasn't to be surprised at what she did to him, though, seeing the histotu she had with other companies... Foolish or not, I'm always ready to forget past issues if the person seems to be sincere. This old desire to please, I suppose... However, he barely acknowledged me when I showed up at the Quynh gallery where Nhà is to have its premiere, 'busy' as he was with his team.
One good reason to do this project is to be back in Saigon. 

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