Thursday 7 December 2017

Maestro Gilbert Varga conducting the Taipei Symphony orchestra - photo taken from backstage. It was quite amazing to see what he could get out of the orchestra. Good sound and phrasing, lots of verve and response. Lots of life! 

Aurélien Pascal was the soloist for Haydn Cello concerto in C. (a favourite of mine since I was 12), and I was quite pleased to hear this spirited and fluid reading, the lively dialogue between the soloist and the orchestra,  particularly during the last movement which was like a fiery dance. Aurélien  was very pleased to find somebody to talk French to. Unfortunately his time in Taipei is very short so I won't have the opportunity to take him around.
"I have seen a bit of Taipei, but it was around Taipei in 80 minutes under the spell of jetlag" he joked.

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