Thursday 30 November 2017

In less than two months, LeLe has changed so much. I had a little gift for her from Thailand - a teddybear, or bear-ette (she has a dress and a little ribbon on one ear... but then well you know what can happen in Thailand...)
We had dinner together and then a stroll in the fresh evening. Lots of laugh with the bear...ette (I have some gender confusion. When I packed it in my suitcase, I took off the dress in order not to wrinkle it. Then, when I saw the 'naked' bear...ette, I realised "But... you're a BOY!!!"
Zed laughed a lot when I told him the story. )

So what was I saying already? Oh yes, lots of laugh playing with... erm the bear. Running, racing, hiding, tagging...

I love to see Lele laugh.

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