Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A day with Vũ An

My nephew: "Do you know which letter girls like the most?"

Me: "No idea..."

My nephew: "It's 'A' like in 'Amour'....

A full day with my dear nephew Vũ An. We went to the cinema (the animated film Ma vie de Courgette, which he loved. He was so immersed in the story of the little boy that he kept talking to the screen and reacting to the character's actions). We then had fun at the Lego Batman attraction - Vũ An was given the Batman outfit to wear and follow a little course game. After being a hero for the day, we took the metro down to Chinatown, in the South-East part of Paris, where my parents were having a delicious meal with violinist Charles Frey - my father's old time friend, and his adorable wife Françoise. Being filled and fed didn't prevent us from thinking of food, and we  returned to the center of Paris, to visit my friend Ulysses and bought cakes at the bakery for tea. We made music (or tried to). Vũ An tried the piano and the harpsichord but had more fun when I placed him on Ulysses' massage table and played the evil doctor. I love my nephew's crystalline laughter.
We certainly walked a lot. I returned the little boy to his parents at the end of the day.
"I would like to do that again..." he said.

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