Sunday 22 January 2017

Uncle / Nephew: Drawing

My nephew: "I want to learn how to draw so I can be able to draw the Star Wars RTT, the PDT-8, the DDT Tank, the AT-AT Walkers... I want to take drawing lessons..."
Me: "But you draw quite well already! Look at what you have done today!"
My nephew: "No... what I do is rubbish. I want to draw the RTT and the AT-AT... Did daddy take drawing lessons when he was little?"
My brother: "No..."
Me: "You know, your father and I never used to take any drawing lessons. We would draw all the time. We didn't have TV, we didn't have tablets so we would draw a lot."
My nephew: "Can you draw a car?"
Me: "No. That was your father. I would draw birds. I loved birds."
My nephew: "But it's easy to draw a bird: all you have to do is to make a 'V'..."
I chuckled

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