Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Quand on est deux amis....

Dennis just took the bus to the airport. We had ten days together. I must admit, I was a tad apprehensive before he came. I didn't feel we had the chance to really clarify the situation when I was in Paris. I tried to mend the bruises and wrote the song for him, but inside, I was brooding - I curse this tendency of mine. The little boy who then had to suffer all the mistreatments without shedding a tear is now crying a lot inside, especially in recent months.
But those ten days went marvellously. I should never forget the good sides that make a friendship. I thought I'd hardly the time to see him with my crazy schedule, but I did. Most of the work was completed in due time and we could enjoy time together. Song for X has been recorded and the result is more than satisfying. Dennis' eyes were glittering with joy when he heard that first original songs written especially for him. We set plans for other songwriter to pen songs for an upcoming EP next spring. I also introduced him to César Franck's Panis Angelicus that he immediately loved and wanted to include in his program for a Christmas Concert this month. 
Dinners, lunches, tea times, breakfasts... it seems the only thing we did was eat! Having Dennis at home was also a holiday for me. His good naturedness is communicative and I could lift the heavy weights off my mind. We also managed to go to the hotspring and I took him to see Chien Wei's new dance performance at the Songshan Creative Park. Dennis and Chien Wei briefly met when I was in Paris last year and it was a surprise for both of them when Dennis realised the dancer friend was Chien, and when Chien Wei realised the friend I was bringing along was Dennis. 

After Bévinda and Vanessa last year, Dennis is the third friend from Paris to visit me! Even if I like to revel in my solitude, their presence eased down a strong loneliness in me.
I miss him!

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