Saturday, 7 December 2013


The important thing is not what happens to you, but how you react to it. Thus spoke Bruce Lee. I guess my life follows that spirit. Clinging to one's principles regardless to what happens around is bound to create more suffering.
The GDI Association was certainly not the best choice for an exhibition. We barely could concentrate on our work. The space was hosting the screening of a film, thus delaying our exhibition by three hours, then we only had a couple of hours to finish preparing for the exhibition. By the time of the supposed opening, hardly anyone showed up!
However the few who were there were surprised. The big sized pictures (100 x 85 cm) were printed in some sort of cloth instead of the regular photo paper. Adrian's description of the material didn't really help me visualise how it would look like. I had to wait until the very last moment for the surprise. I was thrilled to see how great the photos looked in big size prints, but the material was difficult to handle. I though I would be able to use clips and fisherman string to hang them, but the cloth was much too thin. I went to several fine art shops to find a long clipping poles without much success. Finding frames the size of the photos was impossible, unless with a budget. After a few hours running back and forth in the city and nearly reach the point of giving it all up, an image suddenly came to my mined: why not just tape the pictures straight to the wall? Cheap and simple, that would also make a strong statement. I told Adrian who loved the idea.

Stanley, who was in charge of the exhibition at the GDI was in a state of shock when he saw use the tape. The result was more than convincing. No one had ever done that. The risk of course was to damage the pictures. However, I was willing to sacrifice the pictures. Half-way actions would have led to a tepid result.

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