Tuesday, 16 July 2013


If I'm honest with myself, I would concede that, yes, contrary to what I usually claim, I appreciate friend's kind words and gestures of kindness. 
So today was my birthday. Most of the day was spent replying to what amounted to 215 messages. I was touched that so many people made the effort to pen a few words, nevertheless finding the situation of staying home to reply to messages on Facebook to be a tad pathetic. There wasn't to be any birthday surprise like there was last year. Nicolas now no longer a friend, it was unlikely anyone else would make the effort to organise anything. I went to the gym and bought myself a CD. As I would do on any other day...
The day was saved by a card by Sandra which, by some impossible miracle, arrived in Taipei on exactly the right date (Sandra must have a deal with the French Post office) and by HongYi who, at 9pm, showed up with a delicious chocolate cake. HongYi and I share the same birthday. We had to do something. I had prepared a couple of gifts for him: an album by Max Richter and a John Berger's Ways of Seeing. 

We took a few pictures, exchanged a few kisses - when love is away, a kiss makes the day!
One hour later, HongYi had to run away to meet his friends who were waiting for him at the KTV. 

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