Sunday 1 January 2012

Just like that

CJ and Jay asked me to join them at a party held by a film post-production company in Neihu. I told Ryan, Chubby and Nicolas to come with me. Ulysses and Benoît, once again, bailed out because they were too exhausted. 
It was fresh, fun and jovial. The company office was located on the last floor of the building, with a direct view on the 101 Tower. They had been helping and counselling Jay for Thief. Nicolas and I arrived earlier than the others who had to attend other events. It was the first time for Nicolas to attend a party with that kind of crowd: actors, producers, models... We had a lot to eat, a beautiful view, a terrace, good music, a chic decors. What else could we ask for? 
Jay introduced me to a man who's apparently a very renowned songwriter now turned director. He expressed interest in hearing my music... (Yes, no, maybe, ahem)
Thief was screened twice in a little amphitheatre at the back of the office - unfortunately not the version with my music. 
We didn't speak much with the other guests - they came in groups and didn't mingle with the others. The only time we had some sort of connection was when the DJ started spinning the records (loading the mp3's would be be more accurate).
One guest began to dance and show off some moves to his girlfriend. We had lots of of space (ah... why couldn't clubs offer that?) so I joined in and did a little dance routine. Another bloke who felt emulation rising in him then started to break dance. It was all very cheerful. People were roaring. Nicolas was joyfully inviting other girls to participate but they and the others remained very shy. A known fact that Taiwanese are very self conscious about their body and wouldn't dance unless drunk... 
We eventually all drove back home. I made everyone a hot chocolate - I had bought a can of chocolate powder in Amsterdam, the real stuff, not the ersatz they're selling here. Everybody was in a good mood. It was a very simple, joyful evening. Nothing too much but the right thing.

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