Sunday 1 January 2012

Bright young things

Year end celebrations come like a big typhoon from which I have to stay away. A typhoon of countless 'friends' coming in flocks to Taipei for the parties. Walking on the street, listening to people, one could easily be in Singapore or Hong Kong. The city over the past years has become the ultimate destination for partying, the Babylon of Asia - wasn't it Bangkok, formerly? The atmosphere is electric. "I guess everyone will be there tonight", I heard someone say at the gym. Everyone?
I don't know how many times I had to answer the question: "What did you do for Christmas? What will you do for the countdown". Answering "nothing" is like admitting to have the plague. But I can't be part of it. A friend posted a picture of the party that took place at one of the main clubs. It immediately struck me how similar it was to some paintings by Hyeronimus Bosch...
Sheep together. Flock together. I may sound bitter but I'm not. However, thinking differently equals standing counter current in the middle of a big river, or to be a modern time Cassandra. No one listens to you and you are a sinister joy killer.
"You're not a party boy" my friend Kyan was told at a bar. "You don't take drugs, you don't drink! The definition of a party boy is someone who takes drugs or get drunk!!!" he went on. Kyan likes to dance but he doesn't feel the need to get drugged up or drunk. The other guy wouldn't have it. At the other end of the table a girl and a boy were talking about what kind of injection can help to keep young...

I can't help thinking there's something apocalyptic in the way people party and celebrate. Desperate escapism, not enjoyment. Religious imageries flash in my mind. (The Golden Calf...) Parties have become the new religion in a time when people find it hard to believe. Maybe I'm over-the-top...


Music comes to me in patches. I have started many songs and almost feel fine with them being unfinished. With all the coming and going in my house,  it's hard to concentrate.

Ryan has appeared in my life like a blessing in these restless days. He's like a joyful puppy that melts everyone's heart with his good naturedness and happy attitude.
"He's really good for you. But why do you always get to meet someone who's going to go away" Nicolas asked me. 
Yes, why? Ryan will fly to Wisconsin in two weeks. He won't stay that long, only six months. We can make promises to each other, but at this tender age of twenty-two, I am also aware that life has to be experienced, not settled. Nevertheless, I'm happy for every minute I may have with him.

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