Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bévinda writes...

Saturday, November 12th

Hello querido,

Here are the lyrics. I hope everything is fine. I started a new text. I'll see if a melody comes to me or not. Other than that, nothing new under the sun, except the caddishness of some gentlemen. And now I can only smile at that. Philippe de Sousa (one of her two guitarists) announced to us backstage right after the concert last Thursday: "Well then, that was my last concert, blah blah blah..." I would have appreciated, had he had the daintiness to tell me about it personally... Anyway...
Then appointment at my place with Mathieu Duplessy (one of her former composer and songwriter) to sign some papers. I wait. One hour. I send him a message. The gentleman had simply forgotten, when we actually settled the appointment the previous day!
That's it, my sweet An. Sun in the Parisian sky. I laze about in bed, I read, I write.

Tender Kisses


Tuesday, November 15th

Hello my sweet,

I'm sick, in bed. I have to go to Burgondy tomorrow to see my mother, but I don't feel so well. Throat, head, nose, a big cold... You are right. New phase, new woman, new age (golden age, hopefully!) More than a week now, that you have gone. I miss you, querido. 
With my friends from the restaurant Ozo, we're going to organise a Monday happy hour, Portuguese style!
I'm happy. It's the first time that I'll be doing something with Alain, and we've known each other for thirty years!!! I'm so happy about it: we're going to go together to the Île du Levant with his boyfriend Jean Mi for a couple of weeks in December. That's so great!
Before I can breathe the fresh air of the seaside, I'm sniffling in my bed.

A thousand kisses, amigo


Wednesday, November 16th

Hello coraçao,

It's funny. I started the Murakami novel yesterday. Fukaeri is a strange girl. She has written a novel without having actually written it, for she's not well educated and has dyslexia on top of that. So she dictates her novel to her sister who then sends it to a publisher for a potential prize. Tengo is a maths teacher who writes novels. He reads manucripts for that publisher and loves Fukaeri's. He talks about it to his publisher who's got the idea to have Tengo rewrite the book, since he has a good style and knows how to write.
To sum it up, two people are writing a novel together, a bit like us writing songs together! So we'll keep Fukaeri as a band name. It's a good one.

I'm still sick in bed. I don't know whether I'll go visit my mom tomorrow - it's her birthday though...

Lots of kisses, sweetie!


Thursday November 17th

Bom dia querido,

In fact, I won't go to Burgundy. I'm still in bed and coughing violently. I wait for it to pass. Mom will come two days to Paris instead, and we'll celebrate her birthday here. 
It's funny, the impact of reality in one's dream. Your neighbour slams the door and your dad smashes one in your dream!

I'm like a vegetable at the moment. Energy at its minimum, horizontal position at the maximum. A certain song says 'it's ideal', but here now, I say it's unsound...
I finished the first volume of Murakami's 1Q84 yesterday. I have to buy the second!  As always, I love his world, but I have some little reservation regarding his literary technique. Maybe I wished that his device of different, interlocked stories wasn't so clear. Yes, I think that I was hoping he would break his narrative system. but it's still always so captivating and terrific!
Gilbert is really a darling. He dropped by to bring me thyme honey, lemons and oranges. Bonds braided by love last for always. That's the true essence of love, not love down there... I said to myself yesterday that I was blessed to be surrounded by people who truly love me and whom I love unconditionally. 
As for the album title, we have a few possibilities. The more the project takes shape, the clearer we'll see which is the suitable title. Just like photography when you get closer to the object.

Tender kisses


Tuesday, November 22

Thank you An (for the rehearsal recording of 'Un Espace Vert', played with erhu) ! It's really great. It feels like being on a riverbank in autumn. The lovers are on either side of it and cannot meet.

Yes, I would like to come to Taipei very soon. We have to be together to finish our project. Proximity is important and I sense that our project needs time. Maybe I could come in spring before you fly to Zürich in May. I will see if finances allow. If yes, can I stay at your place? Because if I can manage to find some money for the flight ticket, I won't be able to afford a hotel room. In fact I thought of the recording of the vocals. We have to be there together. It is essential that this intimate ambiance which emanates form us is felt in the music.

Ah... the softness of the woman disorientated you. Your wish for a child is strong. She is attracted by you... hum hum...

I'm hardly done with this cold. I still cough a lot. I'll have the fado workshop this evening.

Kiss you forte



Wednesday, November 23

Strange... I didn't dream it! I did read a mail from you dated from November 21st, which said that you had been disorientated by a sweet young girl. Well that message has simply vanished into thin air, evaporated, I looked for it everywhere in all my folders (inbox, received, sent, spam, etc...) No trace of it! I should let the words go where they are meant to go.
Have a nice day - or night, querido.



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