Wednesday 26 October 2011


Mako and his boyfriend Yan asked me to come over for some 'fun'. I accepted. Being with my parents, I haven't had much opportunities to see anyone. The three of us had been friends for a few years now, even if chances to meet up didn't come very often.
I have been feeling very down and slow the past days. Nothing seemed to uplift me. A depressed snail I was! Vu An's baptism had left a lasting emotional impact in me. I try my best to keep it up with my parents, but everybody is so touchy and moody at the moment. 
Nicolas had warned us. October 28 would be a fatidical date. According to the Maya calendar, it was to be... the end of the world as we know it!
Of course, things are not to be taken so literally. It's more a question of deeper changes, letting go, cleansing one's mind and one's soul, leaving the past behind, making room for something new. I guess this extended stay in Paris was necessary, as well as meaningful. Talks with my parents reveal more where each of us is standing now. It's now up to us to make - or not make the move. I'm really blessed to have such understanding parents, but staying under the same roof with them is so testing! How long ago did I leave the family nest? 19 years? Since then, I had not spent more than a week at their place. 
I took the car to Mako's place. He and Yan were not living very far from my parents, only a 15 minute drive. But I had left my driving license in Taipei! I was a bit nervous as  I was driving to the countryside, where the baptism was to take place, two days ago. "You do have your driving license, don't you", my father had asked. I mumbled a vague 'yes'. I'm not the most reckless driver, but my mind wasn't totally at peace so I drove very cautiously.
Mako and Yan live in a modest little flat on the ground floor in the Eastern Parisian suburb. Their rent is ridiculously low, which is rare in Paris - or near Paris. They were glad to see me. The only thing we could have done was to chat online, which is satisfactory with people I like but do not particularly need to see, but which becomes frustrating when there is no alternative with dearer friends. It had been a year an a half since we last met. For the evening we indulged in a comfortable ménage à trois. Mako had suggested that in our last conversation. Yan seemed more than okay with the idea apparently. I was slightly apprehensive. I love threesomes, but I hadn't done that for quite some time, much less with friends! It was playful, sexy and friendly.
I was feeling like a rusted toy that had been left too long in the attic, but the two boys insufflated life energy in me again. 
As we were laying in bed, listening to music and drinking juices, I toyed with the idea of actually being in a ménage à trois. 

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