Tuesday 26 July 2011

out / in

He comes and he goes. I never knew, and still never know what is really going on with Andy.
When drunk, after a happy evening with friends at some bars, he misses me, is extremely affectionate and cuddly.
When sober, we are just good friends and talk about music.

The best thing is not to think too much. And I find out that it doesn't really matter to me. If that is his way of being in my life, then so be it!

He asked me about more music by Korngold and other post-romantic composers. He first heard Korngold's music during ChingYao's recital in 2008. I had showed ChingYao that lovely aria from Die tote Stadt, which he immediately decided to include in his programme. Andy also loved it when he heard ChingYao sing it.
I played him other songs and arias arranged for violin and piano by the composer, as well as some lieder by Richard Strauss and Alban Berg. The post romantic era suits Andy very well.

I pushed him to be more pro-active, create an artist page to showcase his playing, start commissioning
We did a photo shoot today. We shall do more in the coming month.

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