Monday, 29 March 2010

Waltzing time

In my dream, my concert had turned into a Bollywood show. Someone handed me a large red sari and told me: “Now run across the stage!” which I did.
I woke up, perplexed.


My brother came up with a very good idea. Since the album isn’t finished, I wanted to find something for the concert. So advertisement marketing pro that he is, he suggested that we sold USB keys with some songs and extras in it. Talvin Singh once told me that he didn’t think that CDs were the thing anymore; that the very concept of albums would change and he mentioned selling USB keys after his concerts. But selling a USB key seemed a little… poor to me in terms of packaging. However, my brother, who never does things half way, ordered a square shaped black USB key. Nicolas suggested we sealed it in a little silver bag. I had studied the way Japanese marketed their products in the music business and I was impressed by their creativity.
The USB keys will be limited to a number of 100 and will include five songs, with visuals done especially for the occasion, photos and lyrics. I hope people will respond well to this new way of selling music.

I’m now composing a scene for Tales of Hoffman for the first act involving the doll Olympia. It’s a scene where everyone is dancing to a baroque waltz, as Jo put it. He said he used the über-famous waltz from Shostakovich’s Jazz Suite for the scene so I was compelled to follow that path.  What a poison!
However, I’m finding very awkward ideas. The theme will be played by a violin – my dear friend Alex from Toronto will provide that! Since I don’t have any orchestra to back the violin, I suddenly thought of using human voices singing the harmony, along with a harpsichord and pizz strings… I guess the effect will be quite unsettling.
Isabelle is coming tomorrow to hear the first drafts. I have to at least extricate something out of my head before she arrives! I have many scenes ready in my head, but the only thing is to start the materializing process.


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