Sunday, 7 February 2010

Winter muse

Cold night. I walked home with my headphones on, listening to the instrumentals of my album songs. I must say I’m proud and delighted of what came out those past weeks. Inspiration has been flowing – rather unexpectedly. I was wondering how I’d be able to finish the music and how some songs would shape up. But it happened. I spent the past two weeks working night and day. The instrumentals are still incomplete, some songs are barely the skeleton of what they’re going to become. Guitar, piano, drum and string tracks are yet to be added on some songs - and of course the vocals! But I’m happy. Really happy! I’ve gone beyond myself both musically and lyrically. I surprised myself and gave life to what were tentative ideas even weeks ago. I don’t know what is happening; it feels like I’m at the heart of a whirlwind.  One thing I have managed to trust more and more since my time in Taipei: to believe that no matter what, my wishes will materialize. Sandee Chan said that I didn’t need a record company to do my album because I knew what I wanted and had the means to do it by myself. I was thinking ‘How can she say that? She has a studio and her own record company, people and musicians working for her. It’s easy for her to state such things.’  Now I realize she’s right. Even if I have no financial means at all, things still come to me. Jan’s guitarist contacted me on Facebook. I boldly asked him whether he’d be willing to play on my album. He said he would. We met for the first time last week. I sang the songs on the incomplete playbacks and he loved what he heard. We’re going to have our first recording session tomorrow!
I haven’t heard from Sandee Chan since we last met that one October afternoon at the Eslite Café. But I know I can make it on my own. Then maybe will she reappear. Who knows…
Everything can happen indeed!


Bévinda came this afternoon to finish a song we had started to work on a couple of days ago, Ja fui. It was my first time to write a song with someone beside me. During the six years or so I spent touring, writing and playing with Michèle I usually would compose the music on my side before I’d show her anything. It was fun with Bévinda, though. She has such a positive energy and we were very fast. One idea, one chord would lead to a melodic phrase, then to a verse, then to more chords.
We will perform the song for my concert. More songs will certainly see the day that way.

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