Tuesday 15 September 2009

Léon de Vietnam

I have got everything: plane tickets, papers in order, Jason lets me stay in his flat in Taipei, I also have my multiple entry visa for Vietnam - just in case!. The Vietnamese government has issued a new law regarding the Viêt Kiêu, ie. Vietnamese who fled after or during the war as well as their family and relatives. All of them could benefit a four year long visa exemption for Vietnam. Those who had a full Vietnamese name would pay less.
I think of this family I met once at a cousin’s place. They had named their son Jeremy and snobbishly stated that they made a point in speaking only French with him because they wanted him to fully integrate the French society. That they had a very strong Vietnamese accent didn’t seem to matter.
"Good that I’m not called Robert Tôn Thât ", I joked with my mother.
"Just think if you had been named Leon…" she said smilingly.
I called Lucien and he gladly accepted to play the guitar parts for Butterfly Rider. I will come to his place on Monday. I’m sure the whole affair will be in the can in no time.
Even if I haven’t been able to sit down and work on my songs, they keep growing in my head. The way lyrics come to me is peculiar. A good line would pop up in my mind out of the blue, in the least convenient situation - when I'm having a conversation with mother nature in the loo, when I'm shopping groceries... 
Sometime, just one line a day. At random, for any song.
Like finding a new path in the wood. 

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